7: Evenementen

Links voor grote evenementen:

* Workshop tijdens de 7th World Congress of Chinese Medicine 1-2 Oct. 2010 The Hague:
“TCM approach on Prostate Cancer 前列腺癌” (John D. Setyo, MD.)
To read the full article, please click this link: Prostate Cancer 前列腺癌
Power Point Presentation: Prostate Cancer WCCM – dia presentation
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* Workshop tijdens STOLA-avond ERASMUS Universiteit Rotterdam 19 april 2011:
“De Geschiedenis en Introductie van Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunst” (John D. Setyo, MD.)
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STOLA presentatie.pot
* Workshop: “The basic diet rules according to Traditional Chinese Medicine” tijdens The European Medical Students’ Conference in Leiden van 28 augustus t/m 1 september 2011.

I.C.M.A.R.T. (International Council of Medical Acupuncture and Related Techniques)

ICMART 2011 (13-15 May) The Hague
ICMART 2012 (25-27 May) Athens
ICMART 2013 (29 Nov. – 1 Dec.) Vienna
ICMART 2014 (6-8 June) Istanbul
ICMART 2015 (8-10 May) Bali
ICMART 2016 (10-12 June) Sofia